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For rejuvenating yoga or spiritual meditation or lovely picnics or travel... COIRFIT Multimat is the most convenient and comfortable option. It is compact, easy to carry and stylish to use, available in 6’x3’& 2’, 2’x4’&2’.

Get cozy with these comfortable coir cushions & bolsters in high quality ISI graded rubberized coir topped with cotton tapestry. Used in chairs, sofas, backrest, car & bus seats etc. Available in custom shapes and sizes.

India’s first of its kind single-moulded latexo foam pillow for absolute contour support. Its extra soft, highly durable, ant-allergic and mite-free. Its based on Zero pressure point technology.

A perfect solution to all your space problems. COIRFIT Sofa-bedz is your sofa in the living room during the day and a bed at night. This complete bedding solution is available in 60”x31” x 16”, 48”x31” x 16” & 30”x31” x 16”.